Enjoying Great Beers

Fresher The Better:
Varieties of beers age differently, but there are some general tips to help keep beer still tasting delicious months after purchasing it.

  • As a rule of thumb, drink most beers within three months of the bottling date.
  • And yes, keep all beers refrigerated from the moment you bring it home.
  • Check the ABV: if the alcohol content is 8% or higher, the beer will generally stay fresh longer.
  • Sour or smoked beers also tend to withstand aging better than IPAs or hoppy beers.
  • Keep beer upright – by storing beer standing up, you’ll minimize the surface area of the beer that is in contact with the air in the bottle.
  • Always limit the effect of UV light on beer. Light struck beer will produce a sulphur-like odor and a “skunky” flavor.

Beer Pouring Secrets:

  • For more flavor, many beer experts recommend pouring beer directly into a glass.
  • However, for a shorter foam head, tilt the glass and pour down the side.
  • Glass shapes vary, but the most important rule is be sure the glass is thoroughly clean.
  • For high ABV beers, use goblets or snifters, but for low ABV beers, taller and thinner glasses are best.
  • Any trace of soap, grease or even lint from a towel will change the taste of the beer.
  • For maximum freshness, dip clean glassware into a cold water rinse just before filling.